Thursday, December 19, 2013

Who and Why?

Im a student midwife and so far in my studies I have found a lack of confidence that women seem to have. Not only in themselves but also in their choices. This is something that upsets me and something I have decided I want to play a part in changing.

Women are so strong and so incredible, the pregnancy and birth process is a perfect example of this. But its the ability to have confidence in their decisions that is lacking. i am putting this down to the lack of education so this is where I step in.

I want to help, i want to be able to educate and help women. I want them to have knowledge of their bodies and more importantly of the choices they can make when it comes to their body. I want to spread the word about women s choices in pregnancy and beyond and help support women through their journeys.

Pregnancy and birth is the mot natural and beautiful things in the world, its been happening literally, for as long as we have been on earth, but somewhere along the line it has become a scary thing, something that occurs in hospitals (usually associated with sickness and even death) this is where the fear stems from. we have forgotten the lost art and beauty in pregnancy.

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So thats where and why I have started this blog. Its the stepping stone i'm going to use to help spread the word and support that women and their families need.

I am also an advocate for home birth and natural birth. Although I do not see natural birth as a birth without drugs or medications, I see a natural birth as a kind of birth that a women want, is educated on and is the healthiest option for her and her baby. I see a natural birth as a kind of birth that leaves both mother an baby feeling happy and healthy.

So my question to you is, what do you see as a natural birth? Was your birth something you deem to be natural?

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