Friday, December 27, 2013

Vbac pride






I currently have a client who makes me so proud to be a women and a student midwife. Her passion for her own body and her ability to make educate decisions is something that makes me grin from ear to ear. She is so confident in her body that she is currently 12 days overdue and trying for a vaginal birth after 2 previous c sections.

She has dealt with both doctors and midwives telling her that she is making the wrong decision, that she is putting her and her babies life in danger, but its like water off a ducks back to her. She knows whats best for her and her baby. She is under no delusions though, she is happy to try for a normal birth and if things dont go well for her or baby she will happily go for a c section.

But she just wants to try.

She makes me so proud, and she has until the 1st before they break her waters, put her on a timer and watch her like a hawke.

So please send your best wishes to this beautiful, strong, amazing women! There needs to be more information out there and more education out there for women with previous Caesars, we need to show women that a normal birth is possible, and safe!

I will also be doing a series on Vbacs and the pros and cons and I'll also be keeping the blog up to date with this amazing womens story and outcome.

Have you had a VBAC? how did it go?

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